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A love letter to gardening

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Welcome to Raindrops & Roses.

My name is Lucy. I live on the south-east coast of Australia with my husband Toby, our son Byron, our two dogs Kazi and Peggy, and our chickens Uma, Tracey, Betty and Yvonne.

​At the beginning of 2020, I quit my job as a lawyer and started digging up the lawn in our backyard to create a veggie garden. As my enthusiasm for gardening grew, more and more of our backyard was transformed from lawn to garden beds.

I bought plants and more plants. I learned about propagation and seed saving. I became a member of the Diggers Club and started collecting weird and wonderful heirloom varieties of vegetables.

I became passionate about soil. We composted and started a worm farm. I gleefully rescued banana peels and other scraps from our garbage bin (“that's a valuable source of potassium for our soil!” I would say to Toby). Armed with a shovel and a bucket, I enthusiastically harvested cow poo from my in-law's farm for our garden.

I bought every garden book I could find at our local op shops. I explored other people's gardens, botanical gardens and parks and I talked to anyone who would listen about gardening. 

Through this site, I will tell the stories of  gardens and the people that inhabit them. I will also document my own gardening odyssey (and the mistakes I make along the way).

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